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ProNext Cloud

ProNext Cloud provides cloud solutions through consulting and managed services with a focus on security, reliability, availability and scalability. ProNext Cloud services help companies reduce their operating costs and increase productivity while improving their cloud security. The ProNext Cloud Fabric wraps traditional cloud offerings (public, private or hybrid) with cloud-centric security solutions and controls, an innovative management platform and experienced cloud engineers who help customers leverage next-generation DevOps automation to increase scalability.

Our Key Focus

Cloud Centric We say no to hardware and focus on cloud solutions. You won't find any gear here—except for the pinball machine!

Customer Success Yes, it's true—we are passionate about our customers' success. Please don't hold it against us!

Employees Our employees are the core of ProNext Cloud's success. We invest in them and support their continuous growth in their careers and personal lives.

Community We believe in taking an active role in the technology community to help it THRIVE!


Cloud is an important segment of any business in the present times. A robust cloud strategy is essential in controlling the cloud consumption and at the same time reducing the dependence of enterprises on cloud computing. Cloud Advisory services help businesses explore the entire cloud process and select the best options in order to migrate to the cloud or manage their cloud structure. In addition, cloud experts enable organizations with a customized strategy and implementation plan to help them migrate their mission-critical applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Migrations

In order to take full advantage of the cloud, businesses must choose the best cloud consulting service which will also assist them on the operational side. Cloud consulting services facilitate cloud migrations from the beginning. Cloud consultants possess a deep knowledge on how to assess challenges and offer quality cloud implementation advice.

Managing Costs

An ideal consulting and advisory team adopts a budget-friendly cloud strategy to meet the security of its clients, along with the encryption and compliance needs. Cloud consultants also build a reliable return on investment and total cost of ownership models, leveraging environments to support the software development life-cycle to production.

Getting the Most Out of the Cloud

Cloud Advisory Services work with the in-house IT team of the client to make their transition to the cloud a success in

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Security
  • Manageability


DevOps, which refers to the collaboration of development, operations and testing teams within a company, increases speed while improving governance of workloads essential for a project. At the same time DevOps reduces error rates and downtime. Cloud consultants enable companies to adopt and manage latest trends in DevOps.

Drive Full Lifecycle Management

It is important for software developers to build, test, stage, a software before releasing them into the market. Having a well-defined software life cycle increases governance of the organizational environment.

Streamline Repeatable Processes

Cloud consultants help clients in automating and measuring processes for efficiencies while improving productivity through alterations, thereby reducing unnecessary repetitions of tasks.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Cloud services help lessen the burden of code merging process off developers and accelerate productivity, eventually processing governance by leveraging next generation CI toolsets.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Cloud service providers enable clients in deploying new facets of production in less time to address issues effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Cloud consultants help clients identify issues and address them effectively while reducing errors in production services. In addition, they also help the clients gain control over governance over mission- critical workloads.

Development and Operations Teams Join Forces

DevOps must collaborate and work as a team in order to increase productivity and reduce conflicts within the organization.

DevOps Best Practices

An ideal third-party DevOps team helps clients in the following ways

  • Increases turn around
  • Helps build in-house DevOps practice
  • Educates client team on best practices
  • Manages CI/CD/CM and automate the cloud eco-system of the client

Security Operations (SecOps)

Cloud service providers allow their clients to stay compliant in the cloud along with appropriate architecture, implementation, and management of highly secure cloud environments.

AWS or a cloud provider applies security controls up, including the hypervisor, that's represents a shared security model and cloud operates within this. Thereafter, customers secure the operating system and applications which are all deployed on the said cloud platform.

Customers who are not so well-versed in the intricacies of cloud computing find this shared security model to be an overwhelming process. This is where the company plays a crucial role in helping customers secure, manage and pass compliance audits such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2 and others. They help customers define security policies and standards, security control plane deployment, and manage their security posture across the client's cloud environment.

It's a heavy lifting task to Migrate and manage a client's workloads on the cloud, but with efficiency it can be taken off. This company is dedicated and they are ready to put the team on their back.

The company is a managed Cloud / IT company that manages end to end cloud ecosystem for its clients. The cloud ecosystem includes cloud network and few essential added components. This company outsource managed network services. This encompasses infrastructure, operating systems, applications, DevOps needs, security, and governance of your production environment.

In-Depth Service Offerings

The company provides a plethora of managed services by combining DevOps, SecOps, and managed professional services. The clients are not required to spend a lot of time and money to build internal team as they provide an end-to- end robust computing solutions to their customers, helping them excel on the cloud platform.

Managed Services

Always-On Availability

This company helps its clients gain continuous access to best-in- breed software solutions and infrastructure, irrespective of the client's physical location. Their team is confident enough to ensure support to businesses in remote locations. They have been in the business for more than 30 years of experience and they know the challenges and the solutions indubitably.

Cloud-Based Services

When it comes to cloud computing, this company has truly excelled. With unmatched endeavors, they have leveraged cloud-based technology, through a low cost cloud system to create a seamless environment for their users.

Stay in Focus

Any company that embraces the managed services support of this company, becomes capable of focusing on the initiatives that can enhance the several business processes and move the business into a more competitive space.

Peace of Mind

Their reliable services give their clients peace of mind and the efficiency to deal with IT emergencies and cope up with the work load of regular maintenance. The company's commitment towards its customers even shows up better with their 24/7 customer support services.

Streamlined Budgeting

This company rightly knows the importance of reliable IT budget as a result of which they offer flat-rate managed IT services at reasonable, consistent monthly fee to help keep their client's business and infrastructure protected in the event of an unexpected incident.

Scaling Up

Unlike traditional models, cloud-based services and apps allow your business to grow more organically. Scaling to the next level could be as simple as adding a new user as many costs are based on users per platform.

Encryption as a Service (EaaS)

Security is what we live for and this dedication is the reason behind becoming one of the first cloud solution providers in the nation to offer Encryption as a Service (EaaS) and Tokenization as a Service (TaaS).

The encryption technology provided by the company can even help clients with their own servers, co- location facility or even if they are a cloud services provider to create a fault-tolerant platform that is highly available, 99.9% uptime to be exact. Data encryption restricts unauthorized persons to gain access to data storage, thus protecting clients as well as the service providers.

Though many times several companies claim that their services are compatible with other services as well; very few platforms can truly live up to that claim. But the company partnered with Vormetric, an industry leader in cloud-based security, encryption, and tokenization for business data provide unmatched services, living up to all the claims.

With businesses expanding globally, readily accessible data throughout the world is becoming paramount. Many companies are now providing encryption and tokenization across the globe with their robust systems.

At a time when nearly 90% of data is unencrypted when it is not actively accessed and most cloud storage solution providers protect data in transit, it's inevitable to ensure that data is kept encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

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